Food Truck Application

Food Truck Rules and Regulations (Click to expand)

All Mobile Food Vendors are required to maintain documentation of the necessary approvals from SC DHEC and any other agency documentation necessary to provide food service.

Required to possess a current Town of Cowpens Business License.

Required to collect and remit Hospitality Taxes in the same manner as other food service enterprises.

Required to possess proof of general liability insurance for the operation of the vehicle and the conduct of business, if approved and the business is located on public streets or Town owned property the minimum current amount is $1,000,000 with the Town listed as Co-Insured.

Required to possess proof that the mobile kitchen has been inspected and approved by the Spartanburg County Building Codes department. Any modification made to the mobile kitchen must also be inspected.

Required to possess confirmation of permission from the owner (or authorized agent) of the property where the unit is parked. This permission should include a legible name, signature, and phone number of the authorizing individual.

The unit must be parked in a location that does not create traffic or safety problems and does not interfere with the activities of other businesses or otherwise interfere with other lawful activities or violate any statutes, ordinances, or other laws. Must immediately comply with requests or directives to relocate the unit for such reasons.

The vehicle cannot be left unattended or left at a sales site overnight.

Owner/operator is responsible for identifying suitable access to restrooms for employees.

Owner/operator is responsible for removing their garbage and keeping surroundings free from litter. Must provide own waste receptacles. No garbage is to be left onsite.